QMI Security Shutters

QMI security shutters are manufactured and produced in the USA

  • QMI security shutters provide home security, protect from severe weather, protect from sun damage, as well as giving an additional thermal barrier.
  • Qompact shutters are aesthetically pleasing because they are 40% smaller than the competitions. Most importantly by having multiple color options, they can be matched to 95% of homes with no extra powder coating charges.
  • QMI rolling security shutters are designed to fit the smallest housing box in the industry, which allows for a more subtle look as it occupies a smaller space. However, not everyone is a fan of the look, therefore during the construction of a building they can be built into the structure to appear invisible.
  • For more information on retractable security shutters and fixed security screens contact us.

Stock colors listed. For information on custom colors please conact us.

To see which colors are available in which sizes, please consult this chart.

Retractable Security shutters info

Skyview has access to all of the QMI Security products offered. QMI is the industry leader for manufactured security shutters.

  • Qompact security shutter is the smallest security shutter in production.
  • It gives you flexibility in soffit mounts and surface mounts, allowing for an architecturally finished look.
  • The beauty in these shutters is that you do not compromise the strength of the shutter by decreasing the size.
  • These shutters have been tested and approved for hurricane use.
  • The shutter has 3000 lbs. of pull out strength for each slat, you will be protected from the crowbar intruder.
  • QMI produces products that withstand the coastal climate assaults. These Products have cycle tested at over 15,000 operations and counting, the equivalent of 40 plus years of use.
  • Rest assured that you are getting the best quality security product there is on the market.

If you need additional spec or technical details you can find it here www.qmiusa.com

Pricing from $500 and up depending on product type, color, size, motorization, and installation.