Builders have specific requirements that are different from adding screens to an existing porch. Therefore, we created a page with your specific needs in mind.

To receive preliminary pricing for any Skyview Retractable product, please send a copy of the blueprints to our team.

Construction is a competitive market. We can work with builders and architects regarding design and product selection to produce an attractive and competitive bid.


  • E-mail plans to [email protected]
  • Receive preliminary builders pricing
  • Preview layout and address any concerns


  • Will meet on-site call (919) 656-2241
  • Provide hand samples to assist in the construction planning
  • Review electrical requirements and locations
  • Determine where backer will be needed for installation
  • Provide a timeline for completion
  • Order tracks to recess into stone
  • Evaluate sloped floors to ensure they will work with your specific product


  • Rough framing and floors need to be installed to order
  • 50% deposit to order, all screens are custom built to your opening
  • Color selections are to be made
  • Mesh selection is to be made
  • Motor location or power wire feed location
  • Remote control options
  • Home smart integration


  • Lead time from Order is 4-5 weeks with most products
  • Install usually take 1 full day
  • Most builders wait until the end of the construction project to have our products installed. This keeps the screens and glass clean
  • After installation, we will present new owners with a demonstration of screens and review care and maintenance tips