Bi-fold Door Screens

A graceful masterpiece is a good way to describe these bi-fold screen doors. There are many advantages to this type of product. Skyview Retractable has products that compliment big Bi-fold doors or Lift and slide doors without obscuring the view.

  • Large opening on decks can be screened in by a Centor or Wizard screen door for easy access to your porch.
  • Our screens can span a 12 feet wide by 10 feet high clear opening, by retracting from side to side.
  • Centor screens are the only large retractable screen doors which are maintenance free. There is no cleaning involved.
  • A cable retention system allows the screen to stay tight and stop where you let go, no springs involved. Consequently, when you want to go outside you only need to open up a small portion of the screen. Therefore, less bugs will come into your living space.
  • We offer double roller systems. It is possible to install solar screen from one side and insect mesh from the other. Your screen door will truly be customized to your unique needs.
  • There are 3 base color architectural Bronze, Anodized, and white. Custom RAL colors are available upon request

Another option for large bi-fold doors and lift and slides is the Vista View, a bi-fold door screen, by Wizard industries. This is a large over-sized retractable screen door with captured edges.

  • Can span 29.5 ft wide by 11 ft tall with a double roller system
  • Captured edges ensure no blowouts happen
  • Small cassette with low profile base track that can be recessed into the floor
  • Multiple mesh options
  • Standard color options are Brown, Black, White, Anodized
Single Screen 12′ 10′
Double Screen 24′ 10′

Available Colors

Custom colors are available with an unlimited selection.

Charcoal Insect Screen 55% Polyester/PVC
Charcoal Small Insect Mesh 48% Polyester/PVC
Light Grey Sun Filter 5% Fiberglass/PVC
Charcoal Sun Filter 5% Fiberglass/PVC
Dark Brown Sun Filter 5% Fiberglass/PVC
Dark Grey Sun Filter 5% Fiberglass/PVC
Sand Sun Filter 5% Fiberglass/PVC
White Sun Filter 5% Fiberglass/PVC

Pricing for the horizontal retractable screens will be based on width, height, fabric selection, and color choice.
Pricing starts at $2,400 and goes up to $6,000 for base colors.